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Your specialist in Safety and Rescue Equipment. It is our mission to improve your safety at sea.
In 2003 the company Seareq was founded in Germany by Karl Hansmann. Since this time he and his team unconditionally follow the motto SAFETY FIRST!
It began in the diving market, with the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS.
Since 2004 the worldwide unique GPS supported rescue system locates reliable divers who became swept away by currents or were forgotten in the open sea.
The crews of ENOS-Boats never had to search for the persons in need and missed divers never had to wait a long time until they became rescued!
All rescue operations were managed on one’s own responsibility. Without external support from SAR (Search And Rescue) or coast guards, always free of charge and license free and radio certificates (SRC) are not required.
Inquiries from sailors
It didn’t take long time sailors and other boat sportsmen, wind- and kite-surfers contacted Seareq to ask for an independent rescue system which they can combine with their equipment and which does not interfere in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System).
2015 we launched the Man-Over-Board-Operating-System MOBOS – world’s first MOB-System independent from SAR, MRCC and independent from external technologies such as VHF radio and AIS!
The device is perfect for dock workers, Maritime Pilots and all other professionals in off-shore jobs. Furthermore MOBOS is world’s one and only rescue system legalized for inland waters.
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  • Inhouse servicing
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Minimum one year warranty
  • Expert counselling by industry professionals